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Dedicated to simplifying health insurance for all!

With Health Helpers, you never have to make sense of health insurance alone! Our mission is to help find the right plan for every individual and family. Connect with one of our licensed agents, or simply learn about insurance by browsing our site. Use the chat, send an email, or call us. We are here to help YOU!


Finding the right health insurance plan has never been more difficult than it is today! At Health Helpers, it is our goal to make things easier. For everyone!


We work with the top insurance carriers in the country to find the plan that is best for you. All it takes is your zip code and date of birth to start.


We have a team of licensed brokers dedicated to helping all of our clients get the best, most affordable health insurance available.


Call us now at (888) 643-4610 

or send us a message. If we aren't able to speak with you immediately, expect to hear from us within 48 hours.

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